You need a technology partner that delivers professional support and customer service 24/7/365, just like you do. 

Hospitality is all about the guest experience, all it takes is poor Wi-Fi coverage or a slow network connection to lose a customer forever and maybe cause a negative online review. One security incident, cyber or physical, could place your entire brand at risk. Technology that is too expensive, inefficient, or doesn’t work at all eats away at the bottom line.

You need a technology partner that functions as a natural extension of your team. You need solutions for cyber-security issues like PCI-DSS and the protection of your customer data. You need systems that are reliable and that integrate with each other. You need effective security solutions like cameras and access control. You need a guest Wi-Fi experience that keeps customers happy and gets positive reviews and repeat business. You need to be ready to take advantage of new technologies like mobile phone check-ins and room keys, and new IoT technologies for smart rooms with temperature and lighting controls.

At Summit Advisors, we take the time to understand your specific business needs. We develop tailored solutions to manage those needs while improving productivity and mitigating risk. Our focus is on being your business partner, supporting your needs, and offering solutions to help your business succeed and grow.

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